-ic [ik]
[< Fr or LGr; Fr -ique < L -icus < Gr -ikos: akin to Ger -isch, OE -ig: see -Y3] suffix
1. forming adjectives
a) of, having to do with [volcanic]
b) like, having the nature of, characteristic of [angelic]
c) produced by, caused by [anaerobic]
d) producing, causing [analgesic]
e) consisting of, containing, forming [dactylic]
f) having, showing, affected by [lethargic]
g) Chem. of or derived from [benzoic, citric]
h) Chem. having a higher valence than is indicated by the suffix -OUS [nitric, phosphoric]
2. [< ME or L or Gr: ME -ike < L -icus < Gr -ikos: from substantive use of respective adjectives] forming nouns a person or thing:
a) having, showing, affected by [hysteric, paraplegic]
b) supporting, adhering to [Gnostic]
c) belonging to, characteristic of [cynic, Philippic]
d) derived from [patronymic]
e) producing, causing [hypnotic]
f) affecting [stomachic]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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